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You are a B-School student. Inevitably this means that you are intelligent, hardworking, and obsessively well prepared. You probably hold yourself to higher standards than other people do – and that’s the reason you’re a success.

Here’s the bad news: the B-School life is long and intense. It involves a great deal of self-reflection about who you are and what you want. It also requires successfully navigating a multipart process to ensure that you can then get what you want.

Use your time wisely. You will quickly find that you are limited to 24 hours a day — despite the fact that you have 30 or 40 hours of activities you’d like to fit into each day. You have to pick and choose to find a pace that works for you. You must also schedule strategically to ensure that you don’t get behind.

Be yourself
Be proactive
Don’t stress out

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